Have you ever been held in CIC or other detention centre in Hong Kong?

Would you be willing to share your experiences?

The project ended in Aug 2023. We are no longer looking for interviewees. Thank you for your interest.

We are interested in interviewing people who have been held at Castle Peak Bay (CIC), Ma Tau Kok, Tai Tam Gap or other detention centres in Hong Kong.

Professor Surabhi Chopra from the Faculty of Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong and her colleagues are studying immigration detention – detention of migrants for removal, deportation, or other immigration purposes – in Hong Kong.

Through our research, we want to

  1. understand how the immigration detention system works in practice,  
  2. learn how it affects people who are detained, and  
  3. recommend reforms to the system so migrants’ rights are better protected. 

About the interviews

  • Private: We will keep the identity of anyone we interview completely confidential – names and other details that can identify you would be removed from our writing and analysis.
  • Safe: The interview would be about 2 hours long in a safe and comfortable location.
  • Subsidy: Transportation subsidy provided (HK$60)
  • Remote option: If you are not in Hong Kong, we can conduct an online interview
  • Interpretation: Interpreters will be available.

Target interviewees

  • People who were held in detention centres and their families 
  • Any nationality, age or gender is welcome

Learn more

Introduction to our project

About the research process

Contact / Registration 

If you or your family member has experienced immigration detention, and you are willing to talk to us about your experience, please contact us:

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