Section 7: Victims of trafficking

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How many victims of trafficking have been identified by authorities?

This chart shows how many victims of trafficking were identified by either the Immigration Department or Hong Kong Police Force.

Are there foreign domestic workers who are victims of trafficking?

What is the gender of victims who were identified?

This data shows the total number of victims of trafficking identified by the government in the time period between 2016 and April of 2018.


Vocabulary List

Commonly Used Abbreviations

CIC – Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre

CIU – Complaints Investigation Unit (of the Correctional Services Department)

CSD – Correctional Services Department

HKPF – Hong Kong Police Force

ImmD – Immigration Department

MTKDC – Ma Tau Kok Detention Centre

NKCI – Nei Kwu Correctional Institution

TTG / TTGCI – Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution

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