Download the data

Selected datasets from the Data Visualisations page have been made available to researchers and the public on the CUHK Research Data Repository platform.

All data is official HKSAR Government data collected from official platforms, such as LegCo press releases and documents, or via the Code on Access to Information.

Each data file has notes and the original sources listed in its description. If you plan to use the data, please read the notes for accuracy.

You can access the datasets by clicking here or with the following link:

For more information about where the data comes from, please refer to 前言:關於數據資料

As of 30 Aug 2023, ready-for-use Excel/CSV files of the uploaded datasets were not already available on or Immigration Department platforms. Some datasets were created via collection of data through access-to-information requests. Thus they have been cleaned and made available on the CUHK Research Data Repository platform for wider access. For updated information, please refer to official sources or file an access to information request via the Code of Access to Information.