Section 3: Immigration Department enforcement actions

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What enforcement actions are conducted by the Immigration Department? 

Deportation vs Removal Deportation occurs when a person commits an offence and is banned from the territory for a fixed period of time or for life. Removal occurs to “restore the person to the place from whence [they] came” with there is no ban on return.

How many (non-ethnic-Chinese) persons are removed every year? 

This chart shows the number of non-ethnic Chinese (NEC) persons removed from Hong Kong every year, and is not limited only to non-refoulement claimants. NEC is a category defined by the government. 

How many persons are arrested for immigration offences? 

This graph indicates the number of persons arrested and not the number of persons prosecuted (ie. charged) nor convicted (ie. found guilty). Not all those arrested will necessarily be prosecuted, and not all those prosecuted will necessarily be convicted.

Of those arrested, how many have been convicted?

What are convictions? After a person is arrested, they may be prosecuted. If after trial they are found guilty, then they are convicted. In other words, arrested persons are not necessarily guilty, while convicted persons have been found guilty. 

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Vocabulary List

Commonly Used Abbreviations

CIC – Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre

CIU – Complaints Investigation Unit (of the Correctional Services Department)

CSD – Correctional Services Department

HKPF – Hong Kong Police Force

ImmD – Immigration Department

MTKDC – Ma Tau Kok Detention Centre

NKCI – Nei Kwu Correctional Institution

TTG / TTGCI – Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution

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