Section 5: Expenditures and costs of detention

If you intend to use the data, please read the notes for accuracy.

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How much is spent in relation to non-refoulement claimants? 

How much is spent on repatriating people?

These figures indicate expenditure involved with repatriation of persons, including but not limited to non-refoulement claimants.

How much does it cost to detain people at CIC? 

How much does it cost to detain people at MTKDC? 

How much does it cost to detain people at other control points managed by the Immigration Department? 

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Vocabulary List

Commonly Used Abbreviations

CIC – Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre

CIU – Complaints Investigation Unit (of the Correctional Services Department)

CSD – Correctional Services Department

HKPF – Hong Kong Police Force

ImmD – Immigration Department

MTKDC – Ma Tau Kok Detention Centre

NKCI – Nei Kwu Correctional Institution

TTG / TTGCI – Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution

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